March 15, 2019

A High Quality Laughter

"Amazing show, his humor found a connection with everyone in the taproom during his show at Gig Harbor Brewery. Everyone could relate to his stories, humor that broke through to literally everyone. Some jokes even had the bartenders laughing to hard to carry drinks to customers. Quite the show, hoping to catch another in the future. Makes me wonder, when's the Netflix Special coming?? Thanks, Mike!"
March 11, 2019

"He was just great. I couldn't stop laughing. He was in his home town of Gig Harbor, and he was so funny, we all had to go the second night to see it again. He was hilarious, and a breath of fresh air for comedy. Timing was perfect. Gifted comedian."
March 11, 2019

"I've seen a LOT of standup comedians over the years (and dabbled in the art myself for a while), and Mike is one of my absolute favorites. So many comics confuse vulgarity with "honesty," but Mike is skilled enough to tell the truth with fresh insight, rather than shock value. His inherent charisma and trustworthiness are felt as soon as he takes the stage, and his set delivers consistent, hard-hitting laughs the entire time. There are people who do comedy, and there are comedians. Mike is a true comedian."
March 11, 2019

"Mike is hilarious! I've seen him several times and he's always a great entertainer! Mike is very funny with real life experiences! His shows are a definite must see! You won't be disappointed."
March 11, 2019

Mike James

"We really enjoyed seeing Mike perform. He’s truly hilarious! Love his very relatable stories, and smooth delivery. Most importantly, just like all great comedians, the timing on his punch lines in impeccable. One funny dude!"
Mike James Comedy, LLC.