October 29, 2020

"Mike had our group thoroughly entertained and laughing all evening long!"
February 10, 2020

"This guy is on my wavelength! Very enjoyable. "
September 23, 2019

Elder at Victory Outreach Mesa

"We enjoyed Mike and Bryan spook much. Very funny. Comedians rarely make me laugh and I couldn't stop laughing."
March 15, 2019

"Great show!!! Mike is one funny guy! We really enjoyed the show, and look forward seeing him perform again. "
March 15, 2019

Just the laughs I needed!

"I always wondered who those people are that laugh out loud, very loud, during a stand-up comic’s performance. During Mike James recent ‘gig’ in Gig Harbor I was that crazy person, laughing loudly and enjoying every minute! I was not alone! After a long day, laughing with friends at Mike’s show was great fun! His style is relatable and hilarious! "
Mike James Comedy, LLC.