February 1, 2019

Corporate Financial Director

"Mike performed for our company holiday party and did a great job!! He was clean, funny and HR friendly!! He got lots of laughs from our team and added fun to our party! I would highly recommend him!!"
November 15, 2018

"Smooth, Hilarious Comedian I saw Mike open for Rob Schneider. I enjoyed his relatable humor and smooth transitions so much I had to find this man after the show to shake his hand. I had to force myself to stop laughing at some of his jokes and perfect timed expressions. This guy is good!"
November 15, 2018

"I've seen Mike perform several times and I always enjoy his clean and relate-able comedy about his wife, family and life."
November 15, 2018

"Mike James performed at our corporate holiday party and we loved him! His comedy is very relatable, with topics ranging from his wife to awkward encounters in the airport. I think my husband related a little TOO well to some of the wife jokes! :) We loved Mike and highly recommend him!"
Mike James Comedy, LLC.