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Looking to put on a good show for the employees at your company who work so hard to help make it a success each and every day? At your next special event, treat them to the comedic stylings of Mike James—they’re sure to appreciate his relatable humor and jokes about workplace culture.

A seasoned corporate entertainer in Phoenix, Mike has roots in business! He previously worked at Microsoft, delivering presentations for software engineers. Mike incorporated comedy into his presentations to help drive them home and from there, found his calling as a stand-up comedian and humorist!

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Team Building Events

Team building events only work if everyone is on the same page and having the same experience. As a team building events entertainer in the Phoenix area, Mike will deliver a performance that brings everyone together through shared experience—specifically improv and variety comedy, as well as sketch comedy.

These performances not only end up being hilariously fun, they’re the perfect activity to get everyone participating together.

Corporate Event Comedian Shows in Phoenix - Comedy Show

Company Retreats

When you want to treat your employees to entertainment they’ll love, nothing beats a corporate comedian. Mike can read the pulse of the room and deliver jokes that hit home every time! Whether it’s a self-deprecating joke, a relatable quip about everyday life or a callback to his own days in corporate America, Mike will have your audience clutching their sides and drying tears of laughter.

Parties and Celebrations

Whether it’s the company Christmas party or the success of a long-term project, the best celebrations are the ones where employees can unwind and let loose their stress. Ask about comedic performances at private parties, church events, and fundraisers.

Mike will make sure your employees laugh away their stresses at your next party or celebration!
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Regardless of the type of event your company is putting on, it’s going to need great entertainment from someone who understands the corporate crowd. Hire Mike James today and keep the laughs coming at your event. Call today (480) 739-1656

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