Philanthropy Entertainer in Phoenix, AZ

Putting on a church or charity event means wooing people. When you’re asking for donations, contributions or support, you want to persuade the people you’re asking with a feeling of entertainment or enjoyment. And, when you hire Mike James as your philanthropy event entertainer in Phoenix, AZ, you’re guaranteed an event that’s sure to be a roaring success—no matter what you’re garnering support for.

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Church Events

If you’re hosting a church event for community support or a nonprofit initiative, Mike James will gladly support you. A seasoned Christian comedian in Phoenix, AZ, Mike’s comedy is clean and tasteful, funny for all ages and relatable for all walks of life. Book Mike for a stand-up set, improv comedy, sketch comedy or a variety show and you’ll be rewarded with the sound of laughter from everyone watching. Mike will make your church fundraiser or community event one to remember and one people will be asking about with anticipation next year.

community support

Charity & Fundraiser Events

Whether your fundraiser is being held in a school auditorium or at a gala hall, you’re going to need to work the crowd with a proven fundraiser entertainer in Phoenix, AZ. Mike James is ready to deliver the jokes that keep your audience laughing! You treat them to great food and cocktails; Mike will set up the jokes and knock down your potential donors and they double-up laughing! He’s preformed for a variety of great causes and is looking forward to helping ensure the success of yours.

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If the invitations have gone out and the stage is set, all you need is for someone to keep the entertainment flowing throughout the night.

Book Mike James for your next church or charity fundraising event! He’ll comport himself with the utmost professionalism, deliver an unforgettable comedy experience and help you woo the donors you invite to your cause. Call today (480) 739-1656

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