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How Do I Find a Clean Comedian in Phoenix, AZ?

April 25, 2019

Regardless of one’s race, gender or religion, there’s one thing all humans can agree on: we all like to laugh. Comedy movies and funny TV shows can do the trick and make you smile, but if you’re really looking to have a good time while busting a gut, you need to hire a live comedian. The only problem is that there are far too funny men and women out there whose jokes can go from hilarious to offensive in a heartbeat. One minute you’re laughing and having a good time, and the next, you’re sitting in awkward silence looking around... View Article

Four Tips for Hiring a Clean Corporate Comedian in Phoenix, AZ

April 11, 2019

Let’s face it—corporate events and gatherings aren’t always something to write home about. One of the fastest ways you can change that is to hire a comedian to entertain your employees. However, as you’re probably aware, not all comedians are created equal. Many stand-up acts are far too raunchy or risqué for a corporate event. Searching through a stack of funny men and women to find a clean comedian in Phoenix, AZ can be tricky and time-consuming. This helpful post should give you a few pointers on how to find that perfect comedian who isn’t just funny, but also wholesome... View Article

Some Life Lessons from a Stand-Up Comedian in Phoenix, AZ

April 4, 2019

It’s amazing what you can learn about life when you perform as a stand-up comedian. Anyone who does comedy either as a hobby or for a living can tell you plenty of stories about people they’ve met or experiences they’ve had that have shaped who they are. Here are just a few life lessons from a comedian in Phoenix, AZ. You’re never going to be universally liked This is one of the hardest lessons you learn as a stand-up comic, and you learn it pretty quickly. No matter what you do, there are going to be some people who don’t... View Article

How to Overcome Stage Fright as a Stand-Up Comedian in Phoenix, AZ

March 21, 2019

Just about every performer deals with stage fright at some point. Even seasoned veterans of the stage can get nervous when they get up to perform. This is natural—there’s something very personal about going up and giving any kind of performance, whether it’s stand-up comedy, music or theater. Your level of preparation doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the level of stage fright you experience. With this in mind, here’s some information from a stand-up comedian in Phoenix, AZ about how you can overcome your stage fright and put on a great show despite your anxiety. Giving up control... View Article

Why Your Next Community Event Could Use a Clean Comedian in Phoenix, AZ

March 6, 2019

Are you planning an event for your community? You’re probably considering your options for location, food, decorations, theme, invitations and more. Of course, one of the most important aspects of the event is the entertainment. What will attract guests, help them enjoy themselves and make them want to come to the next event that you host? The answer: a clean comedian in Phoenix, AZ. While not everyone agrees on musical styles, and attendees may not all share the same hobbies, everyone likes to laugh. Plus, a clean comedian will ensure the material doesn’t offend anyone. This makes a clean comedian... View Article

Ideas for Your Next Retirement Community Event

February 20, 2019

Is everyone tired of bingo? If you’re looking for entertainment ideas for retirement community events, you’ve come to the right place. Thinking outside the box can help you plan an event that attendees will be talking about for years. We’ve put together a list of great options to consider. From clean comedians in Phoenix, AZ to intriguing musical acts, there’s something for everyone. Animal Extravaganza Who can resist cute baby rabbits and adorable baby chicks? Give your retirement community a day at the petting zoo. This doesn’t have to involve visiting animals on a farm, and it doesn’t even have... View Article

How to Find a Great Performer for Your Next Event

January 23, 2019

Whether you’re hosting a company party or are looking for a way to make your next family reunion stand out, there’s no shortage of ways that hiring a quality entertainer can improve your next event. Working with a talented professional entertainer is a great way to make even the most mundane party one to remember. When hiring a professional entertainer to perform at an event, there are a number of things that you should take into consideration. For instance, you should carefully think about your audience members, and consider the types of entertainment that they may enjoy. While you may... View Article

Does Clean Comedy Mean Watered-Down Comedy? No! Here’s Why

January 9, 2019

There’s a common misconception about the entertainment industry that if a comedian doesn’t swear or discuss lewd topics, they must be “unfunny” or delivering an act designed to only appeal to children. In reality, however, clean comedy is becoming an increasingly popular entertainment option. Clean comedians can appeal to audiences of all ages, and help make intergenerational events feel welcoming and inviting for all. People of all religious and social backgrounds can enjoy a clean comedic act without worrying about whether or not the comedian in question is going to offend their personal values or the values of those around... View Article

Team Building Using Improvisational Comedy Skills

December 31, 2018

Most people don’t have a whole lot of firsthand experience with improv comedy. Ask someone to describe improv they’ve seen or to give an example of an improv exercise, and they’ll probably describe something they saw years ago on Whose Line is it Anyway? But if you’re looking for an effective and unique way to get people at your company or in your organization to buy into some team-building exercises, improv can be a great way to do it. Here are just a few examples of ways participants will benefit from improv exercises under the direction of a team-building events... View Article

Here’s How to Have a Successful Comedy Event

December 17, 2018

Looking for some tips to make sure your next comedy event goes off without a hitch? Here are some suggestions we’ve compiled to help make your comedy event the best experience it can possibly be. Sure, it’s not always going to be possible to adhere to every one of the guidelines you see below, and any good performer’s still going to give you a good show even if some of these guidelines aren’t met. But as a general rule, the more you do to follow these guidelines, the better a chance you have to make the event a successful evening... View Article

Writing Comedy Is Hard, and Here’s Why:Insight from a Stand-Up Comedian

November 14, 2018

There are few things that can cure the blues like great comedy, but the process of actually writing that comedy is nowhere near as easy as a good stand-up comedian makes it look. It’s very hard work to come up with a joke that sounds effortless, especially when you consider how much goes into making and testing a joke in the first place. Here’s some insight from a stand-up comedian about exactly what makes writing comedy so difficult: Nobody is naturally funny: Sure, there are some people who are funnier than other people, but nobody is born with the gift... View Article

Why You Should Hire a Stand-Up Comedianfor Your Next Work Event

November 14, 2018

Planning your next company party? If so, you should definitely make sure you have something arranged for entertainment. Many companies will go with musical acts, which are certainly great choices, but you might wish to change things up a little bit and have another act on hand to come in and give the band a break. If that’s the case, why not hire a stand-up comedian? Here are just a few reasons why a stand-up comedian is a perfect fit for your company party: They’ll keep everyone in a good mood: Who doesn’t love to laugh? A company party is... View Article

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