Why You Should Hire a Stand-Up Comedianfor Your Next Work Event

November 14, 2018

Planning your next company party? If so, you should definitely make sure you have something arranged for entertainment. Many companies will go with musical acts, which are certainly great choices, but you might wish to change things up a little bit and have another act on hand to come in and give the band a break. If that’s the case, why not hire a stand-up comedian?

Here are just a few reasons why a stand-up comedian is a perfect fit for your company party:

  • They’ll keep everyone in a good mood:
    Who doesn’t love to laugh? A company party is a time for people to get together and not feel like they have to have the stresses of their jobs weighing them down. People want to have a good time with their coworkers, have some drinks and laugh with each other. Having a stand-up comedian helps you keep the mood light and gives the crowd a performance they’ll be able to look forward to.
  • It’ll give people something to remember:
    You want your employees to leave the party with something to remember. Those positive feelings will linger and help your employees get through the occasional stressful and difficult times that arise in just about any work setting. When these moments happen, they’ll remember the times they got to laugh and enjoy themselves with their coworkers at a great party with hilarious entertainment. It’ll also keep them looking forward to future events, especially if you make having a comedian a regular feature of these parties.
  • You can opt for practical or educational content:
    There are plenty of comedians out there who can tailor their sets specifically for business audiences in a certain industry. You’ll often see them at conventions and conferences, where they’ll be featured as keynote speakers, entertainers or hosts. If you’re looking to have even a little bit of practicality at your company party, you can still do it in an entertaining, fun way.
  • They can act as an emcee:
    If you have a lineup of different entertainment happening throughout the evening at your company party, you’re probably going to want someone who can come in and act as an emcee for the evening. Chances are, everyone who works for your company is going to want to be able to enjoy the party without having to be encumbered by the responsibility of being the emcee for the event. A comedian can perform a set and also introduce other entertainers, awards, games or anything else you have going on at the event, making them a highly versatile choice for entertainment for your company’s party.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you might consider hiring a stand-up comedian for your company party. Need some more convincing? Reach out to Mike James Comedy, LLC today and we’ll be happy to tell you more about how you can use a comedian at your company’s next event. We look forward to discuss your options with you!

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